Just January

It’s just January and it’s already getting old… winter. It seems that each year I become more and more intolerant of the Minnesota winter that we experience every year, but aren’t we, as Minnesotans, supposed to buck up and be famously  known for being able to ride out the piling inches of snow, the frigid cold that threatens life endangerment, and the months of cautionary travel advisories?

This morning when I woke up I could already hear the howl of the Old Man Winter exhaling across the flat landscape, so I already know that we’re stranded until our township plow makes it’s way to rural 280th Street. After 3 or 4 fresh inches of light, powdery snow last night, winds will reach gusts of 50 miles per hour today, making for near white out blizzard conditions.

Social media this morning is having a NO TRAVEL ADVISED heyday party as I checked my Facebook and Twitter accounts. So I conclude it’s going to be a day of looking out the window rather than entertaining any thought to go outdoors.

And it sure doesn’t get better tomorrow as the new well-known term around here seems to be polar vortex. That’s right, it’s making a comeback. Just two weeks ago we saw some of the coldest air from my lifetime in Minnesota. So cold, in fact, Governor Mark Dayton shut down all public schools in Minnesota as we saw wind chills dip to nearly -60 degrees. A governor-ordered shutdown is a rare occurence due to cold, happening once about every two decades.

Though I’m not sure whether or not we’ll be hearing from the governor’s office tomorrow or Tuesday as the expected high temperatures are projected to be -12 and -11 with windchills -40 to -50, I can already say most school districts will take their own initiative to give the kids a day off.

If you catch my drift (and let me tell you, there’s plenty out here on the flat terrain to go around), I think winter is getting to the point of wearing out it’s welcome this year. I know this because on Friday, for the first time, I checked the long-term weather data models to see when some warm[er] weather will be making it’s way in… hopefully later in February.

Until then, I’ll grin and bear. Not like we really have a choice, right?