About the Author

Hello readers! I’m Mitchell Walbridge, a local resident and small town newspaper editor originally from the heart of bluff country in Lanesboro, Minnesota… also known as the Bed and Breakfast Capital of the world. Since I love to write, I thought I’d give blogging a try. I began this blog, my first one, back in the beginning of the summer of 2011. Feel free to stop by regularly! Leave your thoughts, comments, and suggestions. You, the reader, should not be afraid to drive the content. I look forward to hearing from and interacting with my readers.


4 thoughts on “About the Author

    1. mwalbridge Post author

      Thank you so much! Writing is definately a passion of mine. Thank you for reading. If you have any suggestions, let me know . 🙂 I look forward to reading some of your material.

      1. roughseasinthemed

        I realised when I had posted, that it sounded incredibly patronising, apologies for that. I don’t think you need any suggestions. Just keep writing as you do. Love your header photo too.

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