The Day the Town Wore Black

Today, as I was heading to town to pick up my younger brother from a friend’s house, I couldn’t help but notice the unusual amount of traffic heading in the opposite direction.  From further observation, I could see many of the people inside these vehicles to be wearing very formal clothing, many of the drivers were men in (from what I could tell) black suit and tie attire.

Unfortunately, noticing these commuting individuals and what they were wearing was just another reminder of the week’s tragedy that hit Lanesboro so hard… the loss of three of the town’s well-known young men as the result of a sudden, devastating car accident.

Though I didn’t know either Matthew Erickson, Blake Overland, or Andrew Kingsbury particularly well due to our nearly 10 year age difference, I do know their families and friends and watching them grieve is no easy task. Not for me, not for anyone.

As a news reporter/editor for the Fillmore County Journal, this week I knew I had to include at least some form of editorial content for the next issue of our newspaper. Good news and bad news alike, it all gets published at one point or another. However, I can say that this was the most difficult piece I had written yet.

Working on the article took me two days, a considerable amount of time for something where the details are so straight-forward. Often though, I would only work on the draft for about five minutes or less as i didn’t want to mentally dwell on the events longer than I had to.

What was particularly difficult was to be sensitive. I knew that many of the people who were going to read it are probably more emotionally attached than I am. So, what I hope is that I did the story some justice, providing the facts that the public should really only need to know without speculation. You can read it here:

At this point, two of three funerals have been held, and now, a week later, the search continues for Andy as hisfamily still holds out for closure–something we pray they get soon.


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