[One of] America’s Favorite Snacks is back!


Months later, one of America’s favorite snack-size desserts is going to be back on the shelves. The golden cakes with the filling of goodness may not be the way your remember them, however.

More than likely they’ll be noticeably smaller, which means one thing… less bang for your buck. This is all in a business move, no doubt, to conserve spending and increase revenues. I say increase revenues because even though the Twinkie will be smaller, they’ll be costing roughly the same. So, anticipate the regular $3.99 per box for 10 cakes.

How much smaller will the sacred be upon their new debut? USA Today reported that a cake that was once originally 150 calories will now be 135. Also, weight is down about four grams, from 42.5 grams to 38.5 grams.

Before the preceding company went bankrupt in the middle of 2012, the shelf life for a Twinkie was 26 days. The new version, antcipated to be on store shelves by November 1, 2013, will have a shelf life of about 45 days.

Not that an entire box would last that long in a traditional American home anyway….



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