The Legacy of the “Burro Brotherhood”

For me, the hardest part of any basketball season has to be the end. Those last couple of minutes on the scoreboard counting down capture the dwindling moments of the high school career for senior athletes. The same goes for the Lanesboro Burros of Lanesboro, Minnesota who concluded their season last night with a 19-8 record, claiming second place in the 1A East Sub-Section.

Looking back at the season, I have to reflect and say that I’m grateful for the opportunity to have experienced all of the games as the team’s bookkeeper, enduring many wins and hysterical moments provided by the team’s extensive, quick sense of humor. After graduating from Lanesboro last year, I never thought I’d still be so close to my high school alma mater. But it’s a very special place,  a town population  of 700+ with class sizes averaging 25 students, that’s right 25!

Throughout this season, the Burros have gotten quite the publicity appearing in a feature story titled “Small Team, Big Success” on WCCO-TV, the CBS affiliate out of the Twin Cities, an aired special segment, “Raining in the Threes” on KAAL-TV, and many notable mentions on Friday night’s  Sports Extra on KTTC.

But all that I’ve mentioned so far isn’t all that uncommon. What is though, is what has become known as the “Burro Brotherhood.” Small enrollment numbers means smaller team sizes, but that didn’t cap what the Burros brought to the court this year. Coached by John Smith and Chris Hanson, seniors Erik Peterson, Daulton Gartner, Isaac Freese, as well as juniors Kole Ruud, Garrett Boggs, and Luke Rogers have developed an unbreakable bond both on and off the court, as any fan or community member can see.

As the Burros’ season draws to a close, many will remember this year’s team and individual successes, but most of all, the Burro Brotherhood that persevered on the court for the 2012-2013 season. #BurroNation

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One thought on “The Legacy of the “Burro Brotherhood”

  1. Ronald Luck (papa)

    What an awesome group of young men. Really shows that there is truly hope for the next generation thanks to Men who truly coach with Respect & Honor.
    May the Lord continue to protect that spirit.


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