Is Facebook Dying?

Over the past week I’ve seen at least two of my Facebook friends set their status to how the social networking site is, well, “boring.” Could this actually be true? Is Facebook’s reign as the King of the Internet finally coming to an end? I’m not sure if I know the answer to these questions. I do feel, however, that some people are getting tired of the general day-to-day graffiti that ends up on their virtual “walls.”

I remember when the Facebook craze started out, and I’ll admit that I was not the first in line to sign up for an account. That being said, Facebook was my first social networking experience–Sharing pictures, statuses capturing hilarious moments, spreading the word about events, and much more are still going on. But is this way of sharing information getting “boring?”

I believe that depends on the user. If you’re checking your page in excess of 5 times a day, it’s no wonder that it gets old fast. Also, it has to depend on how you utilize your social media. If you don’t interact “socially,” is there really a point? (insert stalking/creeper joke accordingly). I know people that never set a status, then again, they rarely check Facebook.

Then there are those people who consider Facebook to be a temporary fad, which I can believe. Two years ago, if you suggested to me to create a Twitter account, I’d say you were crazy and that I have absolutely no interest. Well, here we are today, with my Twitter account @MitchWalbridge with 90+ followers and 700+ Tweets. And I’ll confess that I spend networking time split near 50/50 between Facebook and Twitter. I believe a shift in popularity may be occurring.

So, is Facebook dying? Perhaps, but slowly. There will always be some dedicated Facebook users just like those who continue to use the 2000 version of Windows. It’ll be around for a while longer, so no worries. Just a thought to ponder.


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