Harbaugh Showdown; Or Just the Commericals

The last time we had any sort of hype about television advertisements was during the election season, but now, as we are all infatuated in our American tradition of Super Bowl Sunday now only two days away, have you placed your bets yet? Maybe you’re vying on which of the Harbaugh brothers will be taking home the glory to mom and dad, but many others are just looking for a 30-second laugh. Well, you better get something out of time worth $4 million.

This year, as I’m not truly a die-hard fan for either the Raven or the 49’ers, I will be participating with the USA Today Ad Meter program, rating each ad that is shown during the game. Sounds like a lot of work, but I guess if I can be rewarded for expressing my opinion, you’d be crazy not to take full advantage of the opportunity right? Of course, I have to choose a team just to raise the competitive edge in our house.

So on Monday, I guess I’ll share my thoughts on some of the best (and worst) advertisements that I consider from the Super Bowl. In the meantime…


3 thoughts on “Harbaugh Showdown; Or Just the Commericals

  1. Sporadicallyjoe

    I can only hope that there won’t be so many damn car commercials. They’re hardly ever funny or entertaining, which might not be a must for regular broadcast, but during the Superbowl it’s a requirement!

  2. mwalbridge Post author

    As promised here’s the top five from USA Today’s Ad Meter:

    Anheuser-Busch: Horse and trainer reunited
    Tide: Miracle Stain
    RAM : Farmers
    Doritos: Fashionista Dad
    JEEP: Families waiting

    I agree with the above, except for maybe I thought the Farmers were a little excessively overdone… to put it lightly.

    My least favorite would have to be GoDaddy.com’s Bar Rafaeli make out.


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