Enjoying that January thaw?

It’s been another tolerable winter (so far!) here in Minnesota, and I don’t want to jinx it. Today, in fact, we reached a high in the mid-40’s. That is far from typical for one of the coldest, snowiest states. Needless to say, we’ll be back to reality with some of the coldest temperatures we’ve experienced this season. I believe Monday has an expected high of -1 degrees fahrenheit.

But when we’re fortunate to get weather like this, doesn’t it just make you anxious for what’s around the corner. Spring, being able to stand outside for more than a few minutes without have your nose run, not having to go start the car minutes before you plan on leave (or if you’re like me you’d still just hop in a go and suffer for the first three to four minutes.) The weather patterns the past two years have been strange, and while I’m no meteorologist, scientist of global warming, or any other claimed expert, I can’t say that I’m complaining…. perhaps because I’m on the warm side of things. But I do realize that there are others out there, like I heard on the news this morning that North Carolina, I believe, has had more reported snowfall this year than Chicago. Now that’s just weird, and unpleasant if you’re a Carolinian (is that what they call themselves?)

What’s your winter been like this year?


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