Too Soon for the Christmas Tunes?

Many people signify Thanksgiving Day as the kickoff for the holiday season. Regardless, department stores seem to move in the Christmas merchandise the day after Halloween and throughout the first week of November. They also may begin trying to spread the holiday cheer while you stroll the aisles as the storewide PA system brings the familiar sounds of endless Christmas music. For some, this is just too much to handle for being two months from Christmas and avoid going to holiday-filled establishments altogether. Perhaps, your office even has the Christmas elevator music going… There is always those who are hardcore holiday fanatics. They even leave their Christmas lights up all year long.

But now that we’re past Thanksgiving, when is it appropriate to start playing the music at home, at work, or in the car during the commute in between? Black Friday, the first of December, when the first snow flakes fly, the beginning of advent, Christmas Eve, or for the late bloomers, Christmas Day?

Truth be told it’s a personal preference. However, exercising my freedom of speech, I believe at the earliest, the day after Thanksgiving is appropriate. But I try to hold out until December 1st. (However, I already forfeited this year.)

Now it’s your turn, take the poll below and share when you think it’s appropriate to begin playing Christmas carols!


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