Fillmore County’s Turkey Day Run

Thanksgiving Day marathons seem to be becoming more and more popular… at least lately. As I participated in my first Thanksgiving Day run in our local area just yesterday, it surprised me that as many people participated in our small-town run. Usually people have their own traditions whether it’s going to grandma’s house for dinner or immersing themselves in the foot-thick Black Friday newspaper ads. But since the beginning of November I often listen to the radio on my way to and from school (about a 40 minute drive). I heard of several Thanksgiving Day races–some for fundraisers or charities and others just for fun.

The Fillmore County Turkey Day Run here in southeastern Minnesota had it’s fourth annual event this Thanksgiving Day where I had the privilege to participate in the 10.3 mile route stemming from Lanesboro, MN to Preston, MN via the Root River Trail. And this year we were able to be thankful for the 60 degree temperatures of the early part of the day before a cold front came through bringing us to the twenty degree marker.

This year’s event consisted of 52 runners beginning at 8:00 a.m. on Thanksgiving morning. Donations to the local food shelf were taken before the event began. For being an amateur runner with little training for the event, I can complement myself with a time of 2 hours and 14 minutes. In my opinion, that’s not bad for a first run. For those of you who are calculating that’s an average of 13 minute miles. I thought I’d save you the calculation! In any event, I think by the time I reached the finish line, I gained pie-eating rights.

This years Fillmore County Turkey Day Run participants. (Courtesy: Fillmore County Turkey Day Run Facebook Page)


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