R.I.P. Election 2012

With millions staring at their television sets on Election Night in America, they witnessed several close political battles, and the anticipated declaration of who would serve as President until 2016. Some ecstatic, some disappointed, it’s now over. The billions of dollars that went into the campaigns, political strategist interviews on news programs, and of course, the annoying negative attack ads all over! Most people can agree that they won’t be afraid to turn on the TV set anymore, but they’ll still hit MUTE during the commercials.

So, before we lay it to rest, let’s at least give it a eulogy. Were there any surprises that you did not expect? Perhaps with a battleground state, or even the early call (before midnight) by most media stations? Feel free to share.

After that–it’s a call. R.I.P. Decision 2012.

Now, onto 2016…. Anyone betting? Just kidding. That’s all for in-depth politics here for awhile. Within a day or so we’ll be modifying the site back to it’s original Ties to a Small Town format. So, as a preview, Thanksgiving is coming up! Need a new recipe? Well we’ll be jumping right into some possibilities in some future posts! We’ll also be looking into a local cook-off as the county’s best took to their kitchens to compete for local culinary titles! Can’t wait to share!


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