The Pursuit of Final Votes

Now only 9 hours away until we reach Election Day here in the midwest and only a few more hours until the polls open across our country, President Obama and Governor Romney are pushing with every last ounce of energy to win this deadlocked election. In a virtual tie for the popular vote, both campaigns are looking for different combinations to bring them to the magic number of 270 in the electoral college.

Campaign pollsters are crunching numbers, and staffs are urging the Get Out To Vote initiatives via telephone and door-knocking as this race is coming down to what the President calls the “turnout election.” Today both candidates rallied with rigorous schedules as Obama focused his time on Wisconsin and Iowa before heading to what is being classified as the deciding factor of Ohio. In a slightly different approach Romney spent his day stirring up the electorate in Florida, New Hampshire, and Virginia. Both candidates tonight however will be focusing their final energies on the big prize, Ohio, before we start tallying results from tomorrow’s ballots.

Utilizing every resource they have now, both candidates are putting the bow on their campaigns after a year’s worth of campaigning and almost a billion dollars spent on the races combined. We’ll tally results right here tomorrow night as they come in for those who wish to watch the numbers as they come in tomorrow on the Ties to a Small Town: Election Edition of this blogging site. And don’t forget, get out and vote!


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