Counting Down To United States Presidential Election: Decision 2012

Ready to get back to a world of normalcy? It’s been hard, maybe even impossible to sit down and watch a television show without running across some type of political ad, whether it’s for the presidency, a tight Senate race, or maybe a local district election for state representation. If you are the typical anti-election grinch that many people are, you most likely mute the voices of our infamous politicians. Nevertheless, we’re almost down to the big event which is why we’re supplying you with the countdown clock above.

Only a day away now, it is imperative that you get the last bit of political knowledge into your mind so that you exercise your right to vote, your influence in government, in a well-defined manner. About this time, we see so many polls flying around on the news, and many people get it into their minds that what they mark on the ballot really will not matter. Well, personally, I beg to differ. Sure, the polls reflect what could happen or what is expected to happen, but the reasoning behind polls is almost like a game of “whack-a-mole.” Things change, what it seems like, every 5 minutes in this election. But more importantly a poll is a projection of what would happen if the election were right now. The results of a poll must be executed fully for the results to match up, which is almost a guarantee that it will not be a 100% carbon-copy.

If you’re not prepared to vote, residents of these states are in luck. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures same day registration is available in: the District of Columbia, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, and Wyoming (If your state is bolded, it means you are a battleground state). Sample ballots for your area can be found by visiting each of your state’s Secretary of State official website. You can also find your polling place via those websites.

As there are readers all around the country, even spectators from around the world, who have accessed this site, on Tuesday, November 6th, election results will be published LIVE as they come available right here on We’ll be posting them as fast a results come in for national election races. This includes the presidential race for each state.

Your votes could be the ones that count, especially if you live in Nevada, Colorado, Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio, Virginia, Florida, or New Hampshire. Let your voice be heard, and go get a pretty red sticker saying “I VOTED” this Election Day. We’ll display your results.


One thought on “Counting Down To United States Presidential Election: Decision 2012

  1. Becky Childs

    Thanks for stopping by and for the “like” on my post today, even more, THANK YOU for participating in the process! I’ll be checking back to see your report/response after the election results are in and counted. “Rural” doesn’t mean uninformed! Glad to see you encouraging people to do their civic duty and vote!


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