Halloween Attire: What’s Trending

Just over a week away from the big day… October 31st. So what will you wear? It’s time to get your costume if you plan on dressing up because they are flying off of the shelves. Soon, costumes will be on limited availability. Stuck on ideas, well maybe one of these will jump out at you. Here’s a look at some of the top sellers according to CNBC and CBS Philadelphia.

1. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Masks- You’ll have an awesome poker face and for extended use, where it to your local polling place on Election Day and see what kind of response you get! (Actually not advised)

Common Price: $16.99 and up. Photo Courtesy: CNBC

2. America’s beloved breakfast meat is #2! That’s right bacon! But be warned ladies, don’t be surprised if someone asks you if you are impersonating Lady Gaga for Halloween.

Common Price: $29.99 Photo Courtesy: CNBC

3. Third on the list is Super Skin body suits available in a wide variety of colors. Travel in a pack and some may just think you’re advertising for Skittles.

Common Price: $39.99 to $49.99. Courtesy: CNBC

4. Inflatable Ballerina is on the hot list. I personally have no idea why. Don’t we already have an obesity epidemic?!

Common Price: $39.99 Courtesy: CNBC

5. Can you believe this made it on the list? Neither can I, Honey Boo Boo and her mother June. As if we already didn’t get enough of them on TLC.

Common Price: Varies Courtesy: CNBC

6. Gangnam Style/PSY is next. Just please promise you’ll practice your dance moves at home before subjecting them to the public.

Common Price: Varies Courtesy: CNBC

7. Characters Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele are next. Parents, please hire a babysitter outside the home. Need I say more?

Common Price: Varies Courtesy: CNBC

8. You may ask, “Who’d want to be her?” But you have to admit, she’s pretty scary. Number 8 is Tan Mom!

Courtesy: CBS Miami

Courtesy: Amazon.com

9. Are you a new mother? Well, there are still options. You are some of the only people who can pull of Snooki and her new baby. Just don’t take the term “meat ball” too far Jersey Shore fans.

Courtesy: Blogs.Babble.com

10. Number 10 is a mystery! Share any other creative ideas!


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