The Political Boxing Ring

20 days away from the 2012 Presidential Election… Sick of hearing about it yet? Political advertisements, opening headlines on newspapers, the top story in the evening televised news broadcasts, and even 90 minute long debates swarm all over our social and mass media. And it began months ago, so it’s understandable to be sickened of all the political hype. However, who ever disagreed that a good dose of politics ever harmed anyone? Well, for sure it’s not these two.

President Barrack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney shake hands before the first Presidential Debate. (Courtesy: USA Today)

So it is countdown time to the next presidential election, a situation we see every four years. Two very viable candidates now closer than ever in competition vying for the one seat in the Oval Office. Also, we are two debates down out of three, the final to take place at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida, this one being a more traditional style compared to last night’s town hall-style. President Obama and Governor Romney had quite the showdown, circling the stage and frequently transition their position from their seat to a standing position. Even the moderator even seemed to take a beating from the two!

After reviewing last night’s debate (If you watched), take the following poll:


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