Where Were You? A look back at the events of Tuesday, September 11th, 2001.

September 11th, 2001. One day out of 364 others. Today, Tuesday, September 11th, 2012 will mark the eleventh anniversary of one of few successful terroristic attacks on our country. Looking back now, time has gone by quite rapidly since the events of the dreaded day. Even so, the memories are ‘written in stone’ so to speak. The events of that day are, if they haven’t already been, going to be in the newest additions to history textbooks across the United States.

So where were you on this day? How did you hear about the attack striking the flights in which so many civilians were killed? Perhaps you were on your commute to your workplace? Maybe you were at work? If you were younger, perhaps college or high school. Could you possibly been at home taking a sick day only to turn on the news and see the devastating reports on the news?

If you were me, you would have been securely in Mr. Roger’s second grade classroom in Lanesboro Elementary School with about 20 other students all being broken the news in a dulled-down fashion for comprehension. Such a typical day being interrupted by such a severe chain events beyond the comprehension of a 8 year old’s mind. Not long after the attack, perhaps a few weeks, our class received a letter from former First Lady Laura Bush, assuring our safety within the United States. Whether it was one of few personally addressed letters to classrooms or part of a mass mail merge from the White House administration of the time, I do not remember.

A remembrance tribute to the fateful day of September 11th, 2001 on the 11th anniversary. (Photo Credit: SparkleTags.com)

Although it’s been 11 years and I was young at the time, I still remember the September 11th terrorist attacks. Understanding more about it now as I’ve learned from the media and school really makes a tragic event in my mind as it remains traumatic for so many. So where were you on that Tuesday? Take a look back today at the events that will plague our past and will be passed on into the future. Feel free to share your thoughts or stories.


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