Ice Cream Shop takes SE Minnesota to “Another TIme”

If you’ve traveled down Parkway Avenue in a car, walked down the sidewalk, or taken a bike along the Root River Trail, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a new vibrant shade of pink decorating the historic downtown. Ron and Kathy Kasten have now opened Another Time Ice Cream Parlor and Chocolates at 100 Parkway Avenue North bordering the trail. The location of Another Time is the former location of River Trail Picnic Basket.

            Behind every new business venture, there’s usually a story to be told. This tradition holds true with the Kasten family’s new ice cream shop in Lanesboro. Ron and Kathy both come from the local area, specifically the region around Spring Valley, Minnesota. After graduating high school, college, and getting married, both Ron and Kathy found themselves working in the Twin Cities corporate world watching their lives unfold in front of them as they quickly climbed the corporate ladder. About five years into her business career, Kathy decided it was time for a change from her routine. She left her company life behind, but a short time later found a love for alpacas. She even turned to alpaca farming for about seven years, beginning in 2005. After seven years of taking great care of her herd, the Kasten’s fate led them to another business switch which brought them to small town Lanesboro in 2012. However, Ron still balances his corporate job along with Another Time Ice Cream Parlor.

            Another Time was a step into the unknown back in May, but the couple has familiarized themselves with the food service world. It’s one of the Kasten’s goals to carry as much original Minnesota products as possible. The shop still carries the famous Bridgeman’s ice cream line (a Minnesota original). They also supply their customers with local milk from Kapper’s dairy. Looking for soda? Another Time carries a variety of the Spring Grove soda options. In addition, the new Lanesboro business now carries chocolates from both Minnesota and Virginia. And if you’re looking for an exceptional cup of coffee or want to spice up your world of caffeine, you will want to try a specialty espresso drink made with real Caribou coffee.

            The Kastens see themselves and their business more than just a name for customer retail. They’re also striving to help the community. Right before the process to acquire a business in Lanesboro began, they decided to investigate the town. What they found was that they were, “touched by how people work together.” When Kathy was asked how she saw her role as a business owner in town, she stated, “We’re here to be part of the town, to participate, bring in expertise, and also be a team player for the town. We want the whole town to do well.” From all of the support Ron and Kathy have received from the community, family, and friends, Kathy believes that her biggest learning venture was that, “Life is about relationships, time together with others, and shared experiences.” She has also learned to appreciate adventure.

            Along with increased staffing, quicker service, some menu board changes, and some remodeling, Another Time Ice Cream Parlor and Chocolates is ready to serve. Open seven days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Another Time is a quick stop snack shop. Along with their new business, the Kastens look forward to a myriad of opportunities. They look forward to retiring in Lanesboro, traveling, the arrival of their first grandchild due in December, andm aking a difference in the community.                   Download Another Time.jpg (117.9 KB)


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