It’s Hot! Again!

As many people across the country are wondering… what is going on with the arguably strange weather pattern occurring across the United States. There’s got to be an explanation right? Well, I’m not weather expert and I’m not going to break out into a novel about mesoscale airwave patterns and El Nino, but let’s take a look around the country.

Let’s start with Colorado…

Impressive wildfires have spread claiming more than 300 houses and his displaced thousands of people across the state…. 32,000 people according to NBC news. Also, is there light at the end of the tunnel? The fire is reported to be about 55% contained as of yesterday.

Onto the midwest…

Get a look at the light brown and darker purple colors. Those are heat advisories and excessive heat warnings. Note that rain is out of the question for most within the upper midwestern states. As Al Roker would say, “Let’s take a look at what’s happening in your neck of the woods.” And let’s do just that… This week our corner of southeastern Minnesota along with the almost the rest of the state will be seeing temperatures like on the graphic below with an excessive heat warning running all through the week until Friday at 10 PM. And let’s note the July 4th holiday forecast on the 7-day. It’s not often we see 100 on screen!

Heat index for today, July 3rd 2012. Graphic courtesy KAAL-TV.
Courtesy KTTC.

And finally onto the east coast…

After a similar heat wave, storms last week made their way through the eastern half of the United States leaving millions without power. And the heat is back! But with no obvious relief from air conditioners. So far the storm has reported claimed the lives of 22 people.


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