Old Fashioned Dining at Spud Boy Lunch

            Whether you are a local resident, seasonal tourist, or just someone who has passed through the quaint community of Lanesboro, it would be extremely difficult to say that you haven’t noticed the old-fashioned dining car on Parkway Avenue a few paces from the front entrance of the Cornucopia Art Center.  Spud Boy Lunch, one of the newest dining establishments in Lanesboro located at 105 ¾ Parkway Avenue North, opened its doors for the first time on April 30.  Now getting the business into a routine of their schedules, owners Gordon and Val Tindall have this new, unique dining car open seven days a week from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

            Gordon Tindall grew up in the eastern United States on a farm in New Jersey.  It didn’t take him long though to become interested in the dining car business.  Years ago in Decorah, Iowa, Tindall opened a diner and ran it for six years before selling it and moving to Pennsylvania to renovate another dining car similar to his first.  Years later, a friend of Tindall’s had come across a dining car bound for demolition.  It turns out that this is the one that Tindall has transformed into the Spud Boy Lunch located in Lanesboro.  The Tindalls took possession of that particular dining car in February of 2007 and began the restoration process.  In the four to five year period of working on the Spud Boy Lunch, Gordon has been doing manual modification to the dining car in addition to searching for old fashioned appliances online, in antique shops, and restaurant supply stores.  Gordon has missed the dining business since leaving Pennsylvania and is glad to have the opportunity to be open for six months of the year.  During the winters he can focus on his artwork.

            However, the Tindalls aren’t the only people excited for the opening of their new business.  Many townspeople and locals have been anticipating for the grills to be fired up inside the historic dining car.  Mary Stream, who moved to Rushford in May of 2009, said she took notice of the structure years ago and stated, “I’m very excited for the opening.”  Since opening about two weeks ago, business for the Tindalls has been great, and they’ve been enjoying the experience.

            The menu of Spud Boy Lunch contains quite the list of classics focusing on breakfast and lunch meals.  In addition to the homemade potato salad and coleslaw, Gordon has also earned bragging rights for his pies.  For years he has been learning more and more about the art of pie making by frequently asking his customers about their pie recipes all in the process of developing the perfected pie recipe.  Gordon Tindall noted that all of his diners have been known for having delicious pie. 

Gordon and Val are proud of their accomplishments with Spud Boy Lunch.  One can tell this from a number of different ways.  First, it’s easily noticeable that they’ve put considerable effort into their décor and into their food choices.  And second, you can bet that Spud Boy Lunch will offer kind service, great food, and a great social experience.   One can be confident that he or she will be satisfied after a meal at Spud Boy Lunch as the menu proclaims, “We take pride in what we serve. Everything’s pretty good here.”   


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