Pomp and Circumstance

It is a day that is waited for for many years, something that takes years to achieve, and marks the closing of one door and the opening of numerous others. Graduation Day. For 12+ years students from across the nation work 9 months out of the years earning their way to a successful future. Friends, memories, and relationships are made during this very small, but very impactful part of life.

High school in a small town is a family building experience. I’ve met numerous people while talking to tourists in our small town, and I love when they ask about Lanesboro Public School. Seeing the jaw drop when you say your graduating class a whopping 22 members is priceless! Then in response, they commonly reply that they shared the “Class of …” with anywhere from a couple hundred people to over one thousand.

So what did graduation mean to me now that it is all over? The last week of school, I felt sick to my stomach at points, thinking that this will be the last time I will be sitting in this role, in this room, here with these people who’ve I’ve spent so much time getting to know. At that point I decided I needed to take one day at a time.

Now that I’ve lived through the rush of relatives, the ceremony, and the aftershock, I’m sort of comforted because I know I’m moving on and to look ahead. Congratulations all of the graduates of the Class of 2012… especially my LHS family.


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