Senioritis: A Serious, but Understandable Condition

It’s that time of year again, only a few weeks away from the season of graduations of both high school and college. With all of the excitement of guest lists, scrapbooking, choosing food choices, addressing invitations, writing commencement speeches, and digging out those commemorative school projects done so many years ago, as the graduating seniors our schedules get pretty full. Now throw some homework, time to study for tests and quizzes, and maybe even a school project on top of that. Perhaps even a part-time job. How do we juggle it all when we know that we are so close to the finish line?

Well I can confirm, it’s not easy. As I look back on the classes that have graduated before me, I can now understand how hectic life can be throughout May. This drives us to a condition known as senioritis. As I researched a correct definition for this term, I came to the conclusion that it is decreased motivation for school work… simply put, flat out laziness towards academics. With this idea in mind, I urge my fellow seniors to stick out for another couple of days and enjoy the time they have left in this last month of their high school careers. I do have to back the students a bit though, seeing as I am one. Educators, let’s start [slowly] easing back on the complimentary homework assignments. When the weather is nice, we don’t want to spend hours doing work, and we assume you don’t want to spend an excess of your time grading it. Thanks for reading and good luck seniors!


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