Showing the Pep!

As we go deeper into the autumn season, that means athletic tournaments are knocking on our doorstep! Even though the Lanesboro volleyball team has completed its season, coming up tomorrow the Lanesboro Burro football team will be taking on their rivals, the Spring-Grove Lions.

Today, a pep fest was hosted in our school…cheerleaders, pep band, and the whole bit.

After last year’s wild ride, the community and school have high expectations. Last year’s season brought us clear to the end of November playing in the Twin Cities’ Metrodome. Most hope we’ll see the opportunity arise again soon. But for those that are superstitious, self included, don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

Come Saturday night, football players will be fully dressed for the game, cheerleaders will be arousing the crowd, and the community of Lanesboro will be in the stands dawning their winter gear as the temperature dips down to around 35 degrees. But hey, at least it’s above freezing… a mild mid-autumn evening in Minnesota.

  Good luck Burros!


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