Time Lapse: SeNIor yEAr!

As most of my readers have probably noticed, the blog has been a little “sparse” on posts lately. Because the first two months of school are finally almost passed, I am getting back into the “swing of things” in managing my time. New schedules mean new strategies at time managements. I think I’ve finally developed my pattern, so now I can get back to documenting my senior year and the events of oru small town.

In order to catch my readers up, here are some of the top highlights so far that I wished I had time to record here in the blog “Ties to a Small Town”:

1. Homecoming: Volleyball/Football Games, Homecoming Dance, Parade, Toilet Papering, Coronation! Dress up days (etc.)

2. Fall colors: Lanesboro is well-known for the time when trees begin to change.

3.  Mayo Clinic Career Festival

4. MEA (Minnesota Education Association) Vacation: Currently what we are on right now… 5 days off from classes.

These are just a couple of the highlights currently. In the next weeks I will be trying to post more regularly with posts on a main topic in each. Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Time Lapse: SeNIor yEAr!

  1. Joel

    WOW, your blog is a little sparse, how about some funny stuff that goes on around the small town life, like my siblings and the goat walking experience????

    1. mwalbridge Post author

      How on Earth did you even find this?!

      P.S.>> As they tell us to say on this site: “Thank you for you suggestions and recommendations, we’re always using the criticism!


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