The Great Minnesota Get Together

Every year for 12 out of the 365 days Minnesotans gather to put on a highly entertaining event… The Minnesota State Fair. This past Wednesday, August 31st, I experienced my first Minnesota State Fair. 1 day only allowed me to scratch the surface. So here’s what my day looked like…

2:00 PM– Arrival at Minnesota State Fairgrounds and Parking.

2:15 PM– Entering the cattle building and viewing of livestock. Also, we visited the CHS animal birthing center.

2:35 PM– After washing hands, we had our first food item. Frest cut fries.

2:50 PM– Advancing to see booths around the fair grounds including KARE 11 News, WCCO Radio, creative arts center which included 4-H items such as quilts, cakes, baked goods, canning. Also in the creative arts building were a couple of cooking shows. One of the most unique things in the art building was the reconstruction of the fair with Tinker-Toys. You will see a picture of that uploaded to this post soon.

3:30 PM– Next it was onto the food building. Here we had nitrogen gas frozen ice cream! Totally worth the $6.00.

3:45 PM– Onto the pet building. Here we saw many types of dogs. Also, the police were giving a demonstration show on how the K-9 police force works.

4:05 PM– Singing @ the Karioke grounds.

5:00 PM– Skyride on lift across the fairgrounds.

6:00 PM– Frozen Chocolate Covered Banana and deep fried cheesecake eating.

6:30 PM– Ate chicken on a stick along with vegetable lo-mein.

7:15 PM– Food building visit to get cheese curds.

7:35 PM– Fresh Fruit Smoothie pick-up.

8:00 PM– Visit to get Martha’s chocolate chip cookies.

8:30 PM– Haunted House

9:30 PM– Depart for home

I must admit that this schedule isn’t completely accurate because I remember roughly leaving the fair grounds at least an hour later. But this gives a rough idea. Pictures will be posted later.


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