18 Days and Counting

A few days ago I was serving a group of customers that asked, “When do kids go back to school around here?” I was working with my sister at the time and she responded, “The day after Labor Day.” With a stunned expression on their faces they replied, “Really?!”

And that’s the truth, Minnesota public schools’ first day will be September 6th right after Labor Day. This group was from Iowa and must not have been informed of the fact that Minnesota state law requires most public schools to not have their first student day until after Labor Day.

But the point of this post is not to question education tactics nor give out school calendars. Since the blog focuses on small town aspects, it has the purpose of what this Fall season will bring. The reason to bring up school is because most Minnesota college students will be leaving this coming weekend as their classes start on Monday, August 22nd. Another part of this generation will be starting their post high school education in a college dorm… experiencing the “real world.” Not only is a start for them, but also for us that are left behind as we step another year forward. Seniors realize they only have one year left and parents adjust to having an empty nest at home. Also, and I know I haven’t posted small town schools yet, but teachers also miss their former students.

Another school year rapidly approaches. I’ll be documenting this school year at Lanesboro High School right here on the blog starting on September 6th. So you’ll see many more posts through a senior’s eyes!


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