Hello Mr. President!

It’s been an exciting week for news reporters across southeastern Minnesota and northern Iowa this week. The tracking challenge has been the first thing on the minds of many as they try to pinpoint President Barrack Obama’s trail through the area.

It was first reported a few days ago that the U.S. President would be visiting northern Iowa and southeastern Minnesota on a trip that would consist of three town hall style visits to boost his campaign the the next election. Air Force One is expected to land in about 15 minutes in Minneapolis where he will then travel to Cannon Falls, Minnesota for his first meeting. Then he will travel down U.S. Highway 52 down to Decorah, Iowa to give a speech at Seed Savers. On a personal note… This route means that he will travel right by my house!

When people hear the word “president,” they also associate the thought of security. U.S. Highway 52 outside my house will be shut down for a few hours to make way for the motorcade. Town parking on main streets are blocked off. Press passes were to be applied for a few days ago and each location has limited admission tickets.

So why is it such a big deal even though we see him on our television sets almost every night. I’ve come to the conclusion that of all of the millions of square miles in our country, he will be traveling such a remote area which doesn’t happen very often. Welcome Mr. President!


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