Weekend Recovery

In my last post I mentioned that one of Lanesboro’s biggest economical weekends would be taking place from August 5th through August 7th. This is definately enjoyable for both tourists and locals as everyone gathers. Buffalo Bill Days kicked off Friday by opening the beer garden and beginning the softball tournaments. Friday night consisted of a street dance.

Advancing on to Saturday, volleyball, softball, and bean bag touraments continued and a grand fireworks display took place during the evening. Venders set up in the park as people milled throughout the area and local shops. Live music and midnight dances took place at night and a grand fireworks display took place that evening. The community theater also gave their performance to the public each day.

Moving to the final day, Sunday, the re-enactment of the bank robbery took place and the grand parade rallied through the town. Many more activities took place throughout the afternoon. Such a great community event involves everyone as most have a role.

I meant to get pictures but didn’t get a chance to capture many. I will try to post some from the celebration and festivities.

With a chance to share… Post in a comment the name of your town celebration! They’re interesting to find out which unique ones are out there!


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