The Ventures of Rivertrail Picnic Basket

In previous posts I’ve referenced one of my places of employment: Rivertrail Picnic Basket located in Lanesboro, Minnesota. I joined this establishment in September of 2008 as a sub… Although I was fully considered an employee starting in April of 2009.

Since I’ve joined the staff, I’ve seen other employees come and go. With each of them, former and current, I can say that I’ve definately shared ups and downs, disasterous situations, and hilarious moments with each. If I chose to, I could definately begin another blog documenting and detailing the happenings of Rivertrail Picnic Basket. That blog would most likely need to updated at least once daily.

So what is Rivertrail Picnic Basket? It is an ice cream shop featuring Bridgeman’s ice cream. Also we serve espresso and coffee drinks and sandwiches. Open from 8 AM to 9PM daily from the months of April to October has its demands for the people who work here, but every job does. Coming up I plan to have each employee share their most interesting story on their experiences here so I can post them.

Also, another upcoming post will be on Lanesboro’s biggest weekend of Buffalo Bill Days. These stories and more are coming up here on “Ties to a Small Town.”

Because this is all about the Picnic Basket, I tribute a couple of words to my fellow co-workers: Miranda, Bailey, Katie, and Toni. If you’re interested in following our day to day ventures on Facebook, just “Like” the “River Trail Picnic Basket Celebrities” page that is now up and running. You’ll see posts and humorous pictures/videos on our experiences.

Finally, give a shout out in a comment of where you work or used to work. Even share a moment of humor that occurred at your workplace if you wish. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!


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