“Wonderfully Wired Walbridges” Celebrate More Birthdays

As I reported on the blog a couple of weeks ago, the Fillmore County Relay for Life through the American Cancer Society was rapidly approaching. The event was held on Friday, July 29 beginning at 3 PM and concluded at around 4:30 AM on Saturday, July 30. The five on my team, The Wonderfully Wired Walbridges, took place in the charitable fundraising event. So here’s the recap of the event…

Team members, committee members, and people from all over the county showed up at the local fair grounds in Preston, Minnesota for a night of fun to fight back against cancer. To begin in the afternoon, teams set up their campsites for the night and also they set up their fundraising booths. Our team sold popcorn, nachos, and birthday cake in honor of the overall theme of “Celebrating More Birthdays.”

The opening ceremony consisted of a rundown of the events to a moving story by a cancer caregiver. Hosts for the night were local radio personalities. Live music and karoke continued throughout the night. Around dusk was the luminary path lighting where team members light the luminaries that lights the path where participants walk the track all night. Another event was the balloon release where participants released balloons with messages into the sky.

Also throughout the night were silent auctions, food sales, BINGO, Texas hold’em, and many more events. Below are some pictures captured from the events. Teams raised over $115,000 this year and a final tally is still being reported.


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