Are we a state again?

As of 9:06 AM this morning, Minnesota legislators finally passed a bill creating a balanced budget for the state. While I was watching a cooking segment of NBC’s Today Show, our local news broke in with live coverage.

After the longest shutdown of 20 days has ended, state employees will be back to work and the state will be fully functional… somewhat. From what Governor Mark Daton shared publicly, he was less than thrilled that he had to sign the bill to end the political gridlock. In summarized words he stated that this would only prolong Minnesota’s problems. However, there are always two sides to every story–a road can go both ways.

Starting tomorrow at 8 AM, road construction crews will be back out fixing highways, DMV’s will open, state parks will operate, and government agencies will turn on the lights. Until next time, Minnesota can join it’s 49 other companions of the U.S. The idea of not being a state is a comical idea, but what else do you call it when your government shuts down?


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