Government: Closed Today

Normally, people would tend to get excited when they experience an historic event. But, one must realize that all historic events are not good things. For example, most, including myself, do not see the state of Minnesota’s government shutting down as a good thing. If you’re a little unsettled while reading the beginning of this post, don’t be. The objective of it is not a one-sided politics lecture. Actually, it’s not intended to be a politics lecture at all.

The point of this post is to be a realization of what basic services we are going living without. When I hear of what is closed due to the shutdown, it surprises me that a number of average, everyday citizens can function a reasonable life without the basic services that are used daily. In my research, here are some of the more interesting items that are closed:

• Services for people who are deaf, deaf/blind and hard of hearing, including interpreter referral services

 Enrollment of new providers in Minnesota Health Care Programs

• Information to law enforcement regarding the mental health and chemical health commitment history for applicants seeking handgun permits
• Dental services at the four state-operated clinics in Cambridge, Willmar, Brainerd, Faribault and Fergus Falls
• Some grants for housing, food, chemical and mental health services, and other community services

Also, I’ve heard of the closing of the Minnesota Department of Motor Vehicles, MNDOT, state lottery, state parks, Minnesota Zoo (now re-opened), and many licensing offices. 

8 days later…

Hopefully our political leaders can fix the budget soon, but as of now…


One thought on “Government: Closed Today

  1. J. Habiger

    Functional Industries is cutting back leaving a large number of mentally handicap people to their own devices & without means. I hope the people of Mn remember these things come election time. Good post.


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