Caution: Hot!

To contradict my previous post somewhat about the weather, I can now say that summer has officially arrived. Not because of the summer solstice, but because of the extreme heat we’ve been experiencing as of yesterday. Temperatures climbing to the upper 90’s with heat indices around 105+. For metric readers that’s about 35 degrees celcius feeling more like 40 degrees celcius.

So what do we do on days like these? I mostly spend my time at work. Like most people each workplace has an air conditioner. Most people at home also have air conditioners.

So here’s the twist about air conditioners… Today ours broke at my workplace. To make it more interesting, it is an ice cream shop. When people think ice cream they usually don’t associate it with getting it from a location that is about 90 degrees indoors. You may ask, even if it is hot outside, how does it get so hot inside? There’s an easy answer to that. With two ice cream freezers, refridgerators, and an espresso machine, things heat up pretty quickly from the compressors. Also, the building is pretty small.

So on a day that I would usually enjoy going to work to beat the summer time heat in the air conditioning, it seems as if it is going to be an unpleasant, uncomfortable day. Hopefully the repairman gets there before I do! Excessive heat warning until 8PM. Stay cool!


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