News Travels Fast–Literally

The cliché or idiom that “news travels fast” can be taken quite seriously around small town Minnesota. Pretty much anything from petty news, gosssip, falsehoods, rumors, and major news stories all spread like wild fire through small towns… 

Although a lot of the real news is spread by traditional publicity such as newspapers, television, and radio, perhaps an equivalent amount is spread by word of mouth. Or in this modern era, it may even be delivered via text message. The news takes a turn into entertainment for many when it is off the record of a credible source when it strays away television, newspapers, or radio. Sorting through what’s fact and fiction may seem important to many who follow the local events, but for many the town gossip and happenings seem to be on the frontline.

Within in the last week there was a drug bust in our small town. Yes, that’s something that you would anticipate in a big city. However, we definately get our share of criminal activity as well. If you want to find out more about it, you’ll have to investigate small town news independently because the point is that the next day almost everyone new almost every detail of how the crime scene went down. That is how fast events spread in our area. Sure, there were different accounts of each version of the story, but everyone knew the main idea of what had happened.

Life is never really dull in our neck of the woods. Word travels quickly, like wildfire!


4 thoughts on “News Travels Fast–Literally

  1. femmefrugality

    This is so true. This past year especially it seemed like it to me. I felt like there were a lot more disasters and the scope of them were so incredibly vast..especially compared to the past. Then someone pointed out to me that now, not only do we have tv that can bring images from Japan into our home, but also that the internet is at everyone’s fingertips. People have cameras in their phone. So ANYONE who finds themselves in the middle of the action can send in first-hand coverage of devastation. Which is in one way amazing. In another way….maybe the world really is coming to an end. But our increasing technology and networking definitely play a role in our perception.


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