“Bed and Breakfast Capital of the USA”

This is what the town of Lanesboro, Minnesota is known as. Similar to Minnesota’s theme of “Land of 10,000 Lakes”, Lanesboro has so many great places to stay for a vacation. As a local, however, I don’t really experience what a tourists experiences. With so many locations to spend the night, it is very difficult to keep all of the great staycation spots straight.

Since I work in one of local businesses, it isn’t a rare occurance to have some members of the tourism community enter and ask for direction to get to their rest stop. That’s when I have to pull out the number coded map to look up an unfamiliar B & B. So why is it so unique compared to all of the other towns around the U.S.? All year round each of the Bed and Breakfast establishments have something different to offer. For example, during the winter there are nightly sleigh rides to venture out on. Or maybe during the summer, one might enjoy taking a horse and carriage ride around town on the lamp-lit streets. But this is only two of the features that one might experience on their vacation. Perhaps instead you may want to just stay inside and enjoy a glass of wine in one of the common rooms.

To get more of a visual of the “Bed and Breakfast Capital”, I have posted some pictures of some of the great places to stay in my local town of Lanesboro, Minnesota.


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