Art in the Park: A Town Festival

First off, Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there including my own. That leads me to my next topic of discussion. What do you do on Father’s Day? Feel free to comment back and reply. Our Father’s Day consists of attending a town celebration titled “Art in the Park” which takes place in downtown Lanesboro, MN.

So what is “Art in the Park?” This event takes place in Sylvan Park with all kinds of different vendors selling their trade. Vendors may include all kinds of crafts, clothing, and even food. Think of it as a kind of “local farmer’s market” just on a slightly larger scale. In addition to the vendors, there is of course some form of entertainment. Live music performers and singers take the stage in the center of the park all afternoon.

In this post I have to include how many people attend such an event. We’ll start with the vendors… These people are not all local craftsmen working to gain revenue from the tourists. People venture from all over the state of Minnesota and even longer distances from all over the United States so you can imagine what variety of items you can discover while perusing from one tent to another. The next group of people to talk about is the tourist community. I can’t even fit in a full summary of the people that visit Lanesboro in one post. Let’s just sum it up for now until more posts in a couple of words: national, international, unique, town guests. I apologize for the lack of description on this, but you’ll learn more later. They do an awesome job though of supporting the town!

So today I will be out at Art in the Park spending time with my family. Enjoy your Father’s Day and have a  safe holiday!


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