An Introduction to “Rurality”

With a multitude of people using Word Press Blogs, I can only imagine how many people know what I am actually talking about–Life in a Small Town. Sure, there are a variety of people out there… Some who share the same experiences I do. But for those of you who don’t, well, that is the purpose of this blog.

So, first, a little background information. I am from the rural areas of south eastern Minnesota…hence the title, “Rurality” which of course is a made up vocabulary word to help me describe what I am trying to communicate. And, I am going to be honest, I needed help thinking of a cheesy title to begin. I am a senior in high school who will be graduating in the Spring of 2012 with my fellow classmates. (Yes, only 21 others in our small school.) Another question now poses. Why am I writing? A lot of students dread writing, or even reading, but I intend on majoring in journalism in college. Blogging, a foreign concept to me really, is something I thought I would try. Whether anyone reads this or not is a guess to me, but its good practice anyway. I currently write for 2 of our local newspapers so I do get practice there as well.

So getting on to the point of being a rural town, most towns around here are 5 to 10 miles apart. Where I currently am sitting there is a population of 788 people according to the last U.S. census. And no joke, a town on 4 miles away has a population of 64. That being said, I think that is enough information to digest for one posting. Plus, I am out of time. Welcome folks to a blog of “Ties to a Small Town.” Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “An Introduction to “Rurality”

  1. Peas and Cougars

    Whether or not you get a strong readership, if you want to write for a living it’s a great way to practice everyday and push yourself to be more creative. Good luck with the blog!


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